West 82nd Street

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The new apartment is located in a brownstone building that a developer converted from dozens of small units into a few large ones. The couple wanted a home that was warm and welcoming, not clinical and cold. 2Michaels played off the stark white walls and dark woodwork choosing hues of indigo blue, ochre and grey as their palette. The couple didn't want too many antique pieces of furniture instead they gravitated to current craftsmen - BBDW, Asher Israelow, Lindsey Adelman and KGBL. The custom solid walnut bookcase in the living room is filled with the home owners' objects, mounted in the center a framed print by Sebastian Bremer slides away to reveal a tv. On the other end of the room a giant eye by artist Sam Samore hangs in front of a 10 ft solid walnut dining table by Asher Israelow and above it a branching fixture by Lindsey Adelman. The couple's collection of photographs by such artists as Robert Polidori, Vik Muniz, Sam Samore, and Sebastiaan Bremer are displayed throughout the large apartment.


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